Unstable Organization: A community centre at Denman + Robson

As a programmatic extension to the existing community centres in Vancouver’s West End, this proposal intends not only to supplement in-progress activities, but also to provide new evening entertainment programming such as films, plays, dances, and general gatherings.

Using a substantial gallery/exhibition space and a large gathering hall (‘fine room’) as its community magnets, this proposal attempts to understand the role architectural organization may play in fostering social and cultural interaction, blurring the distinction between our private and community/public lives. The new community centre contains opportunities for mutual voyeurism: those inside are offered unique viewpoints back into the community (gaining a richer sense of belonging), while passersby entertain enticing images of the ever-convening community ‘at large’ through various access points.

Spaces are intended to be performative and ambiguous, programmed to ‘mix’ – to engage others with common interests, to enrich shared activities (and lives) through relationships that develop as a result of proximity and (sub)conscious appreciation of one another.