Working with fonts in Revit

posted 15 August 2010

This article was originally written in 2009 for Revit 2008 on Windows XP. But I think it still applies. Will have to check later.

OpenType Fonts

OpenType fonts are cross-platform fonts that generally work equally well across Windows and Mac computers. Except in Autodesk programs. Both AutoCAD and Revit cannot use OpenType fonts if they use PostScript outline definitions or a code page other than ANSI. The font must actually be installed in Windows, not just copied to the Fonts folder. (On Windows XP, go to “Start > Control Panel > Fonts” and then “File > Install New Font…”) If you double-click an OpenType font in the Fonts folder, it will tell you if it uses PostScript outlines.

If you need to convert a OpenType font from PostScript outlines to TrueType outlines, I recommend Type 2.2 light

Font sizes

For some reason that is absolutely beyond comprehension, Revit measures text in actual millimetres or inches instead of points (like every other computer program in existence, except maybe AutoCAD, which probably explains it). Clever folks will note that since there are 72 points in one inch, 8pt text could be entered as 8/72”. Unfortunately, even that doesn’t work, and you’ll find text larger than its equivalent output from another program.

I’ve found through trial and error that somewhere between about 0.269 and 0.275, with a sweet spot around 0.27mm/pt. So for 10pt text, you can enter 2.7mm.

  • DINOT-Regular
  • 8pt: 2.15mm (0.26875mm/pt)
  • 10pt: 2.75mm (0.275mm/pt)
  • 24pt: 6.48 (0.27mm/pt)


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